Welcome to Early Years

Stapleford Early Years is part of the Foundation Stage Unit at Stapleford Primary School. The children learn within a friendly and welcoming setting which includes free flow access to a secure garden area. At certain times of the day the Early Years children are given access to the entire Foundation Stage Unit enabling them to explore and mix with Reception and Nursery aged children.

The staff working in Early Years are Mrs Debbie Elmes, Mrs Michelle Heath and Mrs Tracey Hampson. A maximum of 16 children per session is allocated to ensure both relationships and learning can flourish. We take children from 2 years until they are rising 4 and ready for nursery.

Stapleford Early Years goals for their children:

  • To be polite, kind and gentle
  • To be active listeners
  • To have good manners
  • To be active members as a part of our local community
  • Be healthy
  • Stay safe

Stapleford Early Years Values

  • We value ourselves as unique human beings capable of spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual, emotional and physical growth and development
  • We respect and value everyone as individuals
  • We acknowledge the potential of every child and ensure they have ability to reach it
  • We recognise the positive worth of each child and value them
  • We promote racial equality and diversity without contradicting others values
  • We see education as a partnership between home and school life
  • We value the environment around us as a basis of life and a course of wonder and inspiration