About Stapleford School

Stapleford School is a Voluntary Aided School in the Diocese of St. Albans for children aged between two and eleven. The school is situated in the small village of Stapleford, 3½ miles from Hertford. The school serves the three villages of Stapleford, Waterford and Bramfield. However most of our children travel from further afield.

We have small classes with a maximum of 24 children per class. Each class is made up of two year groups, 12 children per year. Stapleford Early Years runs each morning for children from the age of two. We have a school run Breakfast Club and Afterschool Club as well as a Lunch Club for children from Early Years and those in Nursery.

Our aims

  • It is our vision to learn within a school that promotes a Christian ethos while respecting diversity within our society.
  • It is our vision to provide a safe, stimulating and vibrant learning environment where children feel happy, secure and proud of success.
  • It is our vision to create a school where children want to be, want to achieve and become life long learners.
  • It is our vision for everyone to be valued and in turn value others giving them confidence in raising their self esteem and self worth.
  • It is our vision to ensure everyone is able to achieve their full potential through a wide range of opportunities and high quality learning experiences that value individuality.

Our values

The aim of Stapleford School is that the children will fulfil their potential within a caring and Christian environment. We work towards the children achieving our high expectations in both academic achievement and moral development. As a Church of England school we also aim to make the day-to-day life of the community link with Christian values.

Our values derive from this ethos and are as set out below:

  • We value ourselves as unique human beings capable of spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual, emotional and physical growth and development.
  • All members of the school community are respected and valued as individuals; the school places an emphasis on individuals and their needs; we strive to ensure that the potential in all pupils is developed and that the school provides an opportunity for every individual to demonstrate achievements across a wide range of activities.
  • We strive to recognise the positive worth of each pupil and consequently achieve an environment where pupils and adults are working to learn; we value each other.
  • The adults in the community recognise the need and right which children have to feel valued.
  • We promote racial equality and respect diversity unless doing so would contradict other values; we value truth, freedom, justice and human rights.
  • Education is considered as a partnership between home, church and school; families are valued as a source of love and support.
  • We value the environment around us as the basis of life and a source of wonder and inspiration.

For more information read our School Prospectus