Stapleford Primary School now offers 15 and 30 hours of nursery provision.

Welcome to Stapleford Primary School…

(Church of England, Voluntary Aided)

“But blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him.”

Our school building opened on the 23rd September 1872 and we continue to thrive.

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This is our school website and we hope that it will give you a taste of what Stapleford Primary School is all about.

We are a “GOOD” (Ofsted, MAY 2024) small school which brings with it many advantages.


You can read the full inspection report here and/or a summary at the bottom of this page.

OFSTED INSPECTION – MAY 2024 – Stapleford Primary School

OFSTED Inspection Summaries

The committed and stable staff team provide excellent staff:pupil ratios within the classes. Each pupil’s achievements and needs are recognised by us all, as we enjoy their successes and plan for their future education. The size and ethos of our school leads our pupils to believe in themselves and their learning capabilities.

The school works very closely with the village church, which extends our links with the community. They, in turn, provide the school with enthusiasm and valuable support.

Pupils from all faiths are welcome at Stapleford Primary School.

We hope you enjoy looking at our website but to really get a true feeling for the school and what it can offer we would highly recommend a visit. Our School Vision and key Ofsted feedback is below so do read on.

Mr J. Shillito


Call the school office to arrange a tour: 01992583341
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If you live in Bramfield, Waterford or Stapleford you are in our catchment area.
We welcome children from outside our catchment area if we have spaces. 

Our school vision:

Our chosen bible reading conveys an easily accessible image of our dependence on God for our flourishing and growth as a tree draws vital nourishment from water.

The community is the trees within the village and God is the stream running past the school.




We are very proud of our Ofsted inspection outcome. The school’s grading of ‘Good’, is a benchmark that is high under the current Ofsted framework.

The Ofsted report identifies many elements of the good provision at Stapleford Primary School with particular highlights being:

– “Pupils attend a close-knit school, nestled in the countryside. They like how leaders and staff know them and their families well.

Pupils notice how staff encourage them to do their best and are particularly pleased with the changes made to the curriculum.

– Pupils dive into high quality reading books available within the school.

– Community involvement further enhances pupils’ education. 

Forest school sessions on a nearby country estate teach valuable skills. Pupils enthusiastically share experiences of making wild garlic pesto, campfire pizza and delicious s’mores.

– Pupils get along famously. Break- and lunchtimes are a hive of activity. Pupils perch on climbing frames, play games of football or dance around a maypole.

– Older pupils mentor younger ones. They guide them through activities such as how to navigate the dining hall at the start of the year.

– Pupils feel happy and safe.

-The school’s curriculum has been developed well over the past two years. Staff appreciate the clear steer provided.

– Staff are resourceful. The team effort ensures the resources and facilities complement a well-thought-through curriculum.

– Staff teach the curriculum to good effect. It shows in pupils’ workbooks and discussions with pupils where they capture all they have learned.

– Suitable training for staff takes place.

– The early years curriculum and its delivery is working well. Parents report favourably on the information they receive about learning. 

– Pupils mostly achieve well in reading. This is because there are a range of opportunities for older pupils to read and discuss high-quality texts with knowledgeable staff.

– The catch-up support pupils receive generally works well.

– Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) typically thrive at the school.

– Pupils’ parents point out the patience and kindness staff provide as a strength of the school.

– Calm conduct and polite manners are the norm. Pupils learn to behave this way from leaders and staff.

– The school offers a wide-ranging personal development programme. It includes a variety of extra-curricular clubs like choir, football, and gardening, accessible to pupils of all ages.

– Activities such as peer mediator training and international school partnerships enhance social skills.

– Events, such as singing carols around the Christmas tree and the school country fayre, promote strong ties with the local community. 

– Leaders, including governors, are committed to the school.

– Well-trained governors ask searching questions that identify issues.

– Governors are supporting school leaders.

– The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.” (Ofsted, May 2024)



We are very proud of our Ofsted inspection outcome. The school’s grading of ‘Good’, is a benchmark that is high under the current Ofsted framework.

The Ofsted report identifies many elements of the good provision at Stapleford Primary School with particular highlights being:

– “that our pupils are happy to attend this small and welcoming school.

– Pupils are an important part of the school and local community. They enjoy opportunities to extend their experience and learn beyond the classroom.

Staff have high expectations of pupils. Pupils work hard to reach these expectations.

– Pupils enjoy the lessons they have and the topics they study in school.

– Reading is at the heart of the curriculum. Over time, pupils become fluent readers.

– Staff quickly identify pupils who find reading hard. They support these pupils to develop their confidence and fluency.

– As pupils get older they read a wide range of books and stories.

– Leaders have carefully chosen high-quality texts for pupils to read in lessons. Pupils enjoy reading these books.

– They also enjoy having books and stories read to them by adults.

– There is clear guidance for staff on how to support pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). This guidance provides staff with the information they need. This helps pupils in lessons and during extra intervention sessions. The use of well-chosen resources further supports pupils with SEND with their learning.

– Leaders, including those responsible for governance, ensure that staff feel well supported at school. They are mindful of staff workload and well-being. Staff feel proud to work at the school.

– The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.” (Ofsted, 2023)